A Celtic tradition, it is one of the most widely practiced forms of sacred ceremony today. It was once a form of “engagement” that committed couples for a year and day. If they found marriage suitable, they’d marry. 

Many couples relish the idea of a memorable and special sacred ceremony – but they want to tread lightly on some of the traditions and trimmings that relatives with strong religious beliefs would find upsetting or offensive. They also want ceremonies that are welcoming to loved ones and can easily include the participation of friends and family.

Stonehenge is the ultimate venue for a Hand Fasting and if you would like to be able to have your ceremony at Stonehenge I am able to gain access to the Inner Circle.  Stone Circle Access takes place outside the normal opening times at Stonehenge, and are very early in the morning or late in the evening, and are not offered during the normal opening times.


The visit must be pre-booked and as they are in high demand you should allow plenty of time in advance for your ceremony.  Each visit lasts for one hour, and we are only allowed a maximum of 26 people within the stones.


As the visits are out of hours, there are no audio guides available and the gift shop and catering outlet are also closed.  However, if you have a stone circle access reservation you can also visit Stonehenge during normal opening times on the same day for no additional cost.

You can create your ceremony in any way you want.  You can dress in traditional style or it can be a groom in a tux and a bride in white who walks down the aisle or a shoeless couple on a beach. It can contain elements or rituals of existing traditional or non-traditional ceremonies; it can include any religious, spiritual, cultural or family traditions that you, the couple, choose. The main ingredient is your love.


Your day will be a meaningful and memorable occasion that will be all you have wished for ... and more.


We want to join you on your journey, allow us the honour of becoming part of your day.