Child Namings

Child Naming Ceremonies are the modern equivalent of a Christening for those who don't feel comfortable with a church setting, or a civil christening. They represent a lovely way to celebrate the child's arrival in the world, or to give older children the opportunity to celebrate their lives, and they can be tailored to suit the family concerned.


The ceremony can include your own choice of readings, poetry, music and any other elements you would like to have in it.


You can have the equivalent of Godparents or 'supporters' to represent the child and to offer some extra love and guidance over the years to come.


The location and venue for your ceremony is a matter of personal choice. It can be at your home, village hall or in a hotel.

There is no set format, but you may wish to consider including some or all of the elements below:-

  • Welcome
  • Introduction of the child
  • The meaning behind his or her name
  • A Reading
  • Commitments and Promises from the Godparents or Supporters
  • Suitable Music
Whatever your day, it will be a meaningful and memorable occasion that will be all you have wished for ... and more.


We want to join you on your journey, allow us the honour of becoming part of your day.